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Founding members

When professional organisations combine their individual strengths and work together towards a vision of sustainable water management for the future, the result is something greater than what could be achieved separately.


The University of Queensland


The University of Queensland (UQ) is one of Australia's premier learning and research institutions. It is the oldest university in Queensland and has produced generations of graduates who have gone on to become leaders in all areas of society and industry.

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Griffith University


Griffith University is regarded as one of Australia's most innovative tertiary institutions and one of the Asia-Pacific region's most influential universities. Griffith prepares future leaders equipped to manage tomorrow's global issues.

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The University of Western Australia


The University of Western Australia (UWA) is a leading Australian research university and has an international reputation for excellence, innovation and enterprise. A member of the Australian 'Group of Eight' research universities, it is also among Australia's leading research universities. The University's Vice Chancellor is Professor Alan Robson supported by a five member Executive.

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Monash University


Monash University seeks to improve the human condition by advancing knowledge and fostering creativity. It does so through research and education and a commitment to social justice, human rights and a sustainable environment.

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University research centres

IWC offers access to 27 research centres from our four founding member universities:

Visit our founding member university research centres


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