Brisbane, Australia

Simon Costanzo

Environmental and Water Security Specialist


Simon is an experienced environmental scientist based in Brisbane, Australia. Simon’s career in the private, government and academic sectors over the last 20 years has been focused on working collaboratively to find the best outcomes for human and natural needs. Simon has worked in recent years with the United States Geological Survey synthesising climate change impacts, the US National Park Service assessing the health of mid-Atlantic National Parks, and the World Wildlife Fund developing basin health report cards assessing ecological, social and economic health of river basins around the world (e.g. Australia, Cambodia, China, Colombia, India, Mongolia, Philippines, United States and Zambia). Prior to this experience, Simon worked in the private sector where he gained valuable skills in project management of mining, defence and infrastructure projects. Simon also worked for the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency as the Agencies ecotoxicologist and managed their estuarine and marine Ecosystem Health Monitoring Project.


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