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Today’s business environment requires breadth and depth in workforce capacity to tackle complexity and change.


Developing technical, managerial and leadership skills is essential to create a common dialogue among practitioners who manage water-related issues.

IWC education programs offer immediate benefits at individual and organisational scales by meeting sustainable job role, workforce and organisational targets.

Employers benefits

Build capacity for innovation

  • Foster employees who can lead change
  • Promote innovation through professional development
  • Meet sustainability targets via improved efficiency and cost effective processes

Attract and retain capable employees

  • Strengthen your value proposition to attract talent
  • Reward by building on potential 
  • Negotiate long-term contract conditions to build workforce sustainability

Tailor education outputs to meet organisational needs

  • Tailor project work in the program to job role, business or planning needs
  • Benchmark projects against industry and community-led best practice.
  • Tailor training to keep abreast of changing needs of the sector

Give back to your water community

  • Support professional development to benefit community
  • Influence industry direction through integrated solutions to complex challenges
  • Support gender and cultural equality through training opportunities


Enhance your organisation’s image

  • Name on a prestigious Scholarship for your organisation
  • Increase your profile through IWC printed and online promotional materials
  • Reach over 10,000 water practitioners worldwide with IWC’s networks


Partners & Advisory Boards


Partnership options

IWC invites you to share our vision to act as a catalyst for changing the way complex water management challenges are tackled. You can do this by supporting emerging water leaders within your organisation or community. The following partnership packages can be easily tailored to your organisation’s needs and budget:


1. Invest in your People

Build breadth and depth in your organisation in integrated water management best practice. 

'Invest in your People' Partnership option secures one or more places in our programs for your employees.


2. Invest in your Community

For lasting change in today’s water climate we must work in teams across organisations and within communities. 

'Invest in your Community' Partnership option secures places in our programs that you can allocate to individuals or organisations within your water community.

3. Invest in your Future

There is growing demand from water stake­holders for longer-term education investment.

'Invest in your Future' Partnership option secures places in our programs for three to five years.


Important information:

  • Scholarships secure enrolments in our programs
  • Competitive scholarship recruitment available for the “Invest in your Community” option (you define criteria)
  • Secure three or more postgraduate places and IWC will co-invest $5,000 per person
  • Bundle multi-program packages to receive a negotiated percentage discount
  • Receive ROI reports - financial, marketing, performance
  • Negotiate with employees on a percentage fee contribution or salary sacrifice arrangement






Graduate Diploma


Graduate Certificate / Water Planning specialisation


Water Leadership Program (WLP)


Multi-program package (1 Masters, 1 Grad Cert, 1 WLP)




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