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Early in Semester 2, full-time and part-time MIWM students travel to Gladstone (Central Queensland) for a 10 day intensive as part of the WATR7100 - Catchment and Aquatic Ecosystem Health module.

Gladstone field trip 2014

Gladstone is an area of significant economic development in Australia and is home to Queensland's largest multi-commodity port. Much of the development in the region is related to mining, with raw commodities exported and imported into Gladstone. Recent developments which have attracted significant attention politically and within the community include expansion of the port facilities. Numerous issues around the health of Gladstone Harbour have been raised over the past few years and participants will be able to see and hear more about the monitoring and management activities underway to preserve aquatic ecosystem health in the region.

The program for this 10 day field trip is split between:

a) lectures to provide the theoretical basis for understanding catchment and receiving water disturbances and the consequences for aquatic ecosystem health, and

b) presentations from local stakeholders involved in the management and monitoring of development in the region.

The guest presenters will provide local context for the application of the lecture content and come from a wide range of backgrounds and roles within the region, spanning Local and State Government, the Gladstone Ports Corporation, the Gladstone Area Water Board, Infofish, the Gladstone Healthy Harbours Partnership, Central Queensland University and the Fitzroy Basin Authority.

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