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During the Summer Semester (usually end of November), full-time and part-time students who have chosen the ‘Water, land and people’ specialisation stream travel to Perth to attend a seven-day teaching block that forms an integral part of the module ‘WATR7800 - Water and agricultural landscapes’.

Students begin with two days of lectures and workshops delivered at the University of Western Australia, Crawley campus.

On Day 3, students visit the Peel-Harvey catchment region, an area covering 1.15 million hectares south of Perth. The coastal plain portion of the catchment supports many relatively small-sized farms and areas of irrigated horticulture. It also includes the rapidly growing City of Mandurah and southern parts of the Perth metropolitan region, with the associated urban, peri-urban and industrial land uses. Students visit the Harvey Dam, Harvey Water, irrigated pastures, forest thinning trials and, if time permits, a local winery. They meet with local stakeholders and discuss local water issues and their connection to the broader issues of regional and urban water planning for Perth.

On Day 4, students return to Crawley campus to learn about saline agriculture and the FAO Agriculture Evapo-transpiration Tool, which they put into practice during a laboratory/ field work session in the afternoon.

Day 5 involves a full-day trip to the Gnangara underground water mound, 25km north of Perth, with staff from the Department of Water. Students explore the complex water and land management challenges of the Gnangara mound, including climate change, population growth and increasing competition between agriculture, public and private water supply, and the maintenance of groundwater dependent ecosystems.

The last two days are dedicated to more lectures and workshops, finishing with student presentations and group reflexions.


Field trip costs

The costs associated with this field trip – airfares, accommodation and food – are the responsibility of students. Flights from Brisbane to Perth average AU$ 400 - $600. Accommodation and food average AU$ 600 - $700. Overall, students should expect to pay (on average) AU$1,200 for this field trip. Students can access a portion of their IWC Professional Development Grant (up to AU$500) to help cover this cost.

Perth field trip 1

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Perth field trip 3

Perth field trip 4


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