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Chan, A, 2015 –– Applying the South East Queensland Healthy Waterways model in the Pearl River Delta, China – A business case approach

Project overviewAnnie Chan

My research project set out to integrate the MIWM program with my current profession – urban water supply. It aimed to develop and promote a business case approach to apply the South East Queensland Healthy Waterways model in the Pearl River Delta. Like everywhere else in China, the Pearl River Delta is confronted with serious aquatic health problems due to a rapidly growing population and economy. Yet, good aquatic health guarantees quality raw water and thus quality portable water. With the network supported by IWC, I was offered a one-month internship opportunity at Healthy Waterways to learn more about the model. Subsequently, with the generous support from my employer, Macao Water, a workshop was conducted as an action research activity to collect local perspectives about the feasibility of implementation.

As reflected in the ‘Action Plan for Water Pollution Prevention and Mitigation’, published by the State of Council of China on 16 April 2015, there is a strong push from the Chinese central government to tackle water issues with a collaborative approach that also addresses ecosystem health. As a major finding of my research project, both Integrated Water Management and the South East Queensland Healthy Waterways model have capacity to enable this approach. When championship emerges from the region, a collaborative management and monitoring system that facilitates organisational and social learning may become a reality in the Pearl River Delta—provided the complex institutional structure is properly addressed. In this case, a business case approach may help kick off the first initiative.

I believe in democracy and enjoy teamwork, and have been seeking a work style that fits my own values and personalities. One of the project purposes was to integrate the Masters program with my current profession, in order to support my professional development by improving my skills in advocating, networking and conducting action research. My research project has given me the chance to work with scientists and practitioners from Healthy Waterways in a teamwork setting, as well as the opportunity to run an action research workshop right in my workplace. Action research turned out to be a promising tool in both supporting my personal and my career development. The internship program and the workshop were definitely the most valuable experience that I gained from this research project.

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Annie Chan

Working with the Healthy Waterways and internship colleagues to promote Connect to Your Creek Week

Annie Chan

A slide from the workshop introducing the research project















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