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Lehane, S, 2015 –– Improving Child Health Outcomes in Indonesia – Health Sector Integration with National Policy on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Sinead Lehane Project video

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My final project was a desktop study looking at the integration of the health sector in sanitation policy development in Indonesia. I took a national, strategic level approach and through policy analysis frameworks assessed the inclusion and role of the health sector in both the development and application of sanitation policy.

I found that the role of the health sector and national recognition or prioritisation of sanitation outcomes in Indonesia has significantly shifted in the last decade, culminating in the development of the country’s Community-Led Total Sanitation Policy in 2014 which was spearheaded by the Ministry of Health. The health sector has a leading role in sanitation policy development and implementation at a national level. I noted, however, that if this policy is to lead to improved health outcomes for the population and meet the government’s targets for 100% improved sanitation coverage by 2019, there is a need for more effective coordination across government departments and between national and provincial divisions.

Greater investment at a national level to support policy implementation, cross-sector engagement and human resourcing/capacity building at regional and provincial levels is also required to ensure progress is made on sanitation access and improved population health.


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