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Tarigan, E, 2015 –– Legitimacy and influence: A case study of the Jakarta Water Resources Council (JWRC) in the context of IWRM

Project overview

My project was on the coordination of water management in Jakarta with a specific focus on the Jakarta Water Resources Council (JWRC). The organisation is a joint collaboration of government and non-government organisations which assisted the Governor in giving advice and formulating a strategy on Jakarta’s water issues. My focus was mainly on how the council performed and how to strengthen its influence in the future. To gather data for my analysis, I interviewed the non-government members and the secretariat of the council.

The two main findings of my project are:

  1. Coordination is very important in integrated water management as water is not limited to a certain area; in order to succeed a joint effort from different sectors is required.

  2. Legitimacy of a water organisation will greatly strengthen its influence when it comes to fulfilling its roles and functions. This, combined with garnering support from the public, will greatly support water management.

I think the best point of my final project was the opportunity to travel back to Jakarta to conduct the interviews. It was really great to be able to have discussions with people who are passionate about Jakarta's water management. I came across many different opinions and gained a lot of insights which really helped me build my final report. The entire process and the pressure of filing the report was also one of the highlights. It was a great experience and I had so much support from my family, friends, the supervisor and staff from IWC.


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