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Georgina Bradfield (New Zealand)

Georgina Bradfield

Environmental Scientist -Water Development

BG Group, Australia


Master of Integrated Water Management

Graduated 2012

Career path

Georgina completed a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, then took up a graduate role with a global chemicals distribution company, before coming to Australia to study the MIWM.

Final semester project

IWRM and AEM: Managing the impacts of the Coal Seam Gas industry on the Great Artesian Basin

Georgina's story

"The IWC Masters was an absolutely amazing program and one that I will never forget.
I can honestly say that I left the course with a completely different perspective on things."
Why did you choose that professional path?

At 21, I hadn’t quite figured out what I wanted to do with my life. The graduate role seemed like a good opportunity, fitted in well with my studies and was a way to try something new. While a good experience, I didn’t feel like I was truly having a positive and meaningful impact ....Let’s just say I’m not really motivated by increasing sales figures!

What attracted you to the MIWM?

With a qualification in water management, I knew there would no shortage of employment opportunities in many countries around the world. Personally, it struck me as the perfect chance to expand upon my scientific background and get into a field with the potential to really make a difference in the world.

What were the strong points of the program in your opinion?

The lecturers are all really passionate about what they are teaching, and it’s very inspiring. The global nature of the course also means that you meet people from all over the world, and hear completely different points of views to yours. It’s also very well organised and support is easily accessible for any of those little assignment crisis moments!

Is there anything you would say to a current student of the program, or to someone thinking of enrolling?

Do it! Seriously though, if you want a career in water or want to accelerate an existing career, I can’t think of a better way to do it.

What job and company are you working in now?

I work for QGC Pty Ltd in the Water Development Team on the Queensland Curtis LNG Project. My role predominantly involves the coordinating and writing of our water management and monitoring plans that get submitted to State and Federal Government. I also have a role in the CSG Technology Hub coordinating joint research between QGC and the Centre for Coal Seam Gas at UQ, so I’m getting exposed to lot of very exciting stuff.

Did the Master of Integrated Water Management help you procure this job?

Absolutely, it was instrumental. The company saw real benefit in me doing my third semester project on a topic so relevant to their day-to-day operations. So, while I sourced the opportunity at QGC, support from the IWC helped me to secure what has turned from a one semester internship into a full-time job.

How are you using what you learned in the program in your current work?

With no experience in the water sector prior to the course, I can honestly say that every course module was a complete eye opener. Particularly though, the water economics, governance and law papers taken by Professor Poh-Ling Tan played a particular role in stimulating my interest in these fields, and have been critical in me securing my current role.

How do you hope to use what you learned in your career in the future?

Once I get a bit of solid experience in a field as dynamic and challenging as the CSG industry, I hope to become a Project Manager for large-scale water infrastructure projects, delivering solutions that are environmentally, socially, culturally and economically sound.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The IWC Masters was an absolutely amazing program and one that I will never forget. I can honestly say that I left the course with a completely different perspective on things, probably due to the incredibly passionate and inspiring students, teachers and professionals I met along the way.



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