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Jeremy Diner (United States)

Jeremy Diner

Clean Water Supply Associate, American Rivers

Past: Overseas Community Manager, Barefoot Conservation, Bali, Indonesia


Master of Integrated Water Management

Graduated 2012

Career path

Jeremy had a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Technology and was an Environmental Scientist for CH2M Hill in North Carolina, USA before he came to Brisbane to study the MIWM.

Final semester project

An IWRM Perspective on a Community Based Adaptation Project in Rural Cambodia

Jeremy's story

"This program is ahead of the game. Leaders don’t run to where people are, they run to where people are about to be. If you are prepared for that, then this is the program for you."

I was initially drawn to protect the environment. When I graduated in 2008, the job market for consulting and remediation was one of the only environmental paths that provided both decent wages and opportunities for professional growth, so it became an obvious choice.

What attracted you to the MIWM?

I was initially attracted to water in general because it is the common denominator for healthy environments and healthy societies. I’ve recently become more interested in this critical relationship and I felt that water was the appropriate avenue to work in this nexus. I chose the MIWM program specifically because it appeared that this was the only Masters program in the world that had a specific focus on this relationship, while simultaneously applying this knowledge to work in the developing world.

What were the strong points of the program in your opinion?

There seemed to be an endless supply of amazing staff from such diverse backgrounds. Looking back, the staff are the asset that really sets this program apart.

Is there anything you would say to a current student of the program, or to someone thinking of enrolling?

This program is ahead of the game. Leaders don’t run to where people are, they run to where people are about to be. If you are prepared for that, then this is the program for you.

Where are you working now?

I am the Overseas Community Manager for a non-governmental organisation called Barefoot Conservation. I am in charge of the community development aspects of a project which is designed to increase our understanding of crucial marine environments in Raja Ampat, Indonesia while simultaneously giving back to the communities that rely on them.

How are you using what you learned in the program in your current work?

One of the crucial concepts that I learned at the IWC that I am applying with Barefoot Conservation is in regard to how to approach the concept of ‘aid’. As a key designer of community projects, I ensure that all stakeholders' desires, aspirations, and concerns are taken on board before a project is set to go forward.

Community celebration for the beginning of the rehabilitation of Boeung Snae LakeHow do you hope to use what you learned in your career in the future?

Broadly, I will help improve societies by working with them to protect their environment, and in turn, improve their health and their livelihoods. I feel very fortunate to be taking such a big step in that direction so early in my career.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Brisbane is way cooler than most people would lead you to believe!!




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