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Lecturers - collaborative teaching

IWC adopts a collaborative teaching approach, bringing together lecturers from leading Australian universities, industry, government and NGOs. They are all highly regarded experts (academics and professionals) in a range of disciplines which combine biophysical sciences and socio-economic disciplines for sustainable water management outcomes.

MIWM delivery team at PCC 2014

Photo: part of the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management teaching team and IWC staff, at the Program Curriculum Commitee meeting on 6 February 2014.


WATR7000 - New perspectives on project management


WATR7001 - Science of water

WATR7002 - Water, sustainability and development


WATR7003 - Water governance and policy


WATR7100 - Catchment and aquatic ecosystem health

WATR7200 - Community, livelihoods, development and water


WATR7300 - Economics for Water Resource Management  


WATR7400 - Water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)


WATR7600 - Urban futures: delivering water sensitive cities

WATR7700 - Urban metabolism: resource and energy recovery systems


WATR7800 - Water and agricultural landscapes


WATR7900 - Collaborative planning


WATR7500 - Final project

Guest lecturers

In addition to regular teaching staff, the International WaterCentre invites leading Australian and international academics and practitioners to present latest findings and field experience in integrated water management and related fields.

Dr André Taylor, Leadership Specialist, leads the delivery of the program's one-day Water Leadership MasterClass.


Overall program structure


IWC Masters Scholarships


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