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Dr Steven Kenway

WATR7700 - Urban metabolism: resource and energy recovery systems

Steven KenwayResearch Group Leader, Water-Energy-Carbon, Advanced Water Management Centre, The University of Queensland


Dr Steven Kenway is Research Group Leader, Water-Energy-Carbon. He has over 22 years research, industry, government and consulting experience. Steven has worked for CSIRO (Team Leader, Future Cities), Brisbane Water (Manager, Environment and Risk), Kellogg Brown and Root (Principle Environmental Scientist) and Sydney Water (Environmental Scientist). Steven contributed to the formation and leadership of the SEQ Urban Water Security Research Alliance ($50M over 5 years).

Steven’s work is focussed on the urban water cycle and related environmental management. His research areas include energy and greenhouse gas emissions, urban metabolism, and sustainability analysis, management and reporting. Steven has led diverse, national and international multi-disciplinary and multi-agency research projects. These include conceptualising and leading an Energy use analysis for urban water in Australia and New Zealand (Water Services Association of Australia) and modelling the water and energy futures for Melbourne (CSIRO).


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