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Capability statement - DHI

About us DHI logo

DHI is an independent global research and development organisation dedicated to work within the fields of water, environment and health. Within these fields we provide a wide range of consulting, research and policy services as well as leading edge technologies and products. At DHI we have a long history of capacity building through delivery of solutions, technology, formal courses and on-the-job training.

DHI’s Expertise

Our expertise is centred around three key core business areas (Solutions, Software and Policy) that support and strengthen each other.

Smart Solutions

DHI’s solutions group is focused on the development and delivery of Smart Solutions using Decision Support Systems, monitoring and modelling to optimise solutions in:

  • Water resources
  • Urban water management
  • Marine and Coastal

Our knowledge and technology empowers your organisation, one step at a time through:

  • Integrating and managing data
  • Presenting and disseminating data
  • Planning and operational support
  • Providing optimal solutions


DHI’s knowledge of the water environment gained over more than 40 years of experience is encapsulated in our software products including the industry standard MIKE by DHI suite of modelling tools and our Solutions Software decision support systems.


Our policy unit assists governments and institutions to address their water challenges through improved governance and integrated management.
Institutional reforms are followed up by human resource development and capacity building; impact assessments followed by monitoring and review of reform implementation. 


Contribution to the Healthy Rivers Hub

DHI has a strong commitment to continual improvement and capacity building with respect to healthy rivers and aquatic ecosystems. As a foundation partner of the regional water knowledge hub we can provide access to experts in our core areas of river basin management, hydraulic engineering, ecological assessments and numerical modelling.


Relevant Experience and Project Highlights

  • The Computer Assisted River Manager project provides opportunities for more effective water allocation and usage to support environmental flows and irrigation needs in the Murray-Darling Basin.
  • Through monitoring, modelling and forecasts the Seaway SmartRelease decision support system optimises the Gold Coast’s recycled water release system. This tool shows The Broadwater can meet the future growth needs of the city without compromising water quality.


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P: +61 7 3236 9161

F: +61 7 3236 9461


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