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Capability statement - Monash Centre for Water Sensitive Cities

Monash UniversityAbout us

The Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CWSC) is a key research centre of Monash University that is in turn a partner in this Knowledge Hub. The vision of CWSC is to transform cities and communities in ways that will help them to live in harmony with natural water environments and the Centre is the acknowledged Australian leader in this endeavour. 

Part of this vision of the Centre is to promote healthy urban waterways and aquatic systems by returning them to their natural state as much as is possible, with a range of benefits that include improved urban liveability and water security. 

The Centre is building Australia’s capacity to advance sustainable urban water practices through research excellence and training, engagement with planning, development and water management professions, and supporting the development of government policies. 

The website is 


CWSC’s Expertise

The Centre has three key areas of activity and associated expertise – fundamental and applied research, industry outreach and training and research training.

Fundamental and Applied Research

  • Water sensitive urban design technologies
  • Urban water governance
  • Ecological and geomorphological restoration of urban waterways
  • Urban climatology and human health
  • Economic valuation

Industry Outreach and Training

  • Science-policy partnerships
  • Capacity building for Water Sensitive Cities
  • Industry training programs
  • Community of practice

Research Training

  • ERA-5 ranked research program
  • Multi-disciplinary research training opportunities
  • Strong supplementary support activities (e.g. Winter School and Fresh Minds Program)


Contribution to the Healthy Rivers Hub

CWSC is a global leader in supporting the transition to water sensitive cities that are resilient to climate change.  It can support the mission of the Healthy Rivers Hub by:

  • Generating state-of-the-art knowledge and a pool of experts to promote development of Water Sensitive Cities in the Asia-Pacific
  • Providing relevant graduate research training to students from our region
  • Assisting in public/industry policy development


Relevant Experience and Project Highlights

Has two Flagship Programs, Cities as Water Supply Catchments (with >40 industry partners from around Australia), and DAnCE4Water – Dynamic Adaptation for eNabling City Evolution 4 Water (an EU Framework 7 research collaboration).  CWSC is a key contributor to the new Victorian Government urban water policy.



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