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Rivers and climate change

Rivers and climate change - publicationsPublications

  • Elliot, M., Armstrong, A., Lobuglio, J. and Bartram, J. (2011), ‘Technologies for Climate Change Adaptation—The Water Sector’, T. De Lopez (Ed.). Roskilde: UNEP Risoe Centre 
  • Hewitson, B. C., (2009), ‘Projected future runoff of the Breede River under climate change’, Water S. A.35(4):433-440
  • Jiang, T., Fishcer, T,.and Lu, X. (2010), ‘Larger Asian Rivers: Climate Change, River Flow, and Watershed Management’, Quaternary International. 226(1-2): 1-3
  • Nijssen, B., O’Donnell, G.M., Hamlet, A.F., Lettenmaier, D.P. (2001), ‘Hydrologic Sensitivity of Global Rivers to Climate Change’, Climate Change. 50(1-2):143-175
  • SanneVammen,L., and  Lone,K, (2009), ‘SEA of river basin management plans: incorporating climate change’, Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, 27(4): 291-299
  • Tan, PL., 2010, ‘Adaptation measures for water security in a changing climate: Policy, planning, law’ Bonyhady, T, McDonald, J, and Macintosh, A.,(eds) Climate Change Adaption: Policy and Law, Federation Press



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