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Sustainable urban communities

Integrated approach

At IWC we consider the social, environmental and economic impacts of water-related decisions by integrating community, scientific, engineering, economic, legal, health and political perspectives.

We focus on the themes of Integrated water management, Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), Healthy river basins and Sustainable urban communities to develop Leadership and best practice in water management.

Sustainable urban communities

Sustainable urban communities brochureFor the first time in history, most people in the world live in cities. Rates of urbanisation continue to increase, creating a central challenge for the 21st century – to create affordable, socially, economically and ecologically vibrant urban communities serviced by sustainable water, food and energy systems.  
IWC develops organisational and community capacities to change the way we manage water in urban landscapes, in particular:

  • water, wastewater, food and energy services for urban communities
  • the impact of urban development and land uses on aquatic ecologies, and
  • relationships between water, urban form, green space and community.

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