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14th International Riversymposium, 26-29 September, Brisbane, Australia

The 14th International Riversymposium, 26-29 September 2011 in Brisbane, QLD will explore the multiple reasons that rivers are valuable ranging from economics through to cultural and spiritual values. There will be a prominent focus throughout the conference on natural disasters and their value to rivers and waterways, due to the recent events that are being felt across the globe and specifically in Queensland.

There will be a number of themes throughout the conference however the program will focus on 6 specific areas - 

1. Natural Disaster

  • The value of integrated river basin management to mitigate adverse impacts of climatic extremes

2. Economic 

  • The economic value of rivers

3. Social

  • The social value of rivers

4. Ecology

  • The value of science and rivers

5. Competing Values 

  • Competing values of rivers

6. Science-Policy 

  • The river science-policy interface

Submissions for both Abstracts and Interactive Workshops for the 14th International Riversymposium are still open and close on Friday 18 February.


For further information and to submit an abstract or workshop, visit and follow the link on the home page.


In 2011, Riversymposium will run alongside the 50th Australian Society for Limnology Conference. 



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