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Australia wins bid for world's biggest water event

IWC CEO Mark Pascoe, together with AWA and Queensland Government representatives, presented the winning Brisbane proposal to host the International Water Association’s World Water Congress in 2016 to the Governing Assembly of IWA recently in Vienna.
Australia wins bid for world's biggest water event

IWC CEO Mark Pascoe was part of the winning bid for IWA's World Water Congress 2016

The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition is a high-profile international event that attracts 5,000 water professionals, companies and institutions from across the globe.

"International WaterCentre is proud to be part of this great opportunity for Australia to showcase some of the innovative things it's doing in water management," said IWC CEO Mark Pascoe, "and to continue to participate in the ongoing global dialogue about this ever-changing topic."

The Australian Water Association (AWA) will partner with the International Water Association to deliver the event.

AWA Chief Executive, Mr Tom Mollenkopf, said that the water sector is extremely excited by the prospect of holding this major water event in Australia.

"The IWA World Water Congress is, without a doubt, the largest meeting of water researchers and practitioners anywhere in the world," he said. "The selection of Brisbane to host the 2016 Congress recognises the leading edge work that has been done in water management in Queensland and across Australia in recent times."

The IWA Water Congress was last held in Australia ten years ago. Recent Congresses have been in Montreal (2010) Vienna (2008) and Beijing (2006). The next World Congress will be in Buson, Korea in September 2012.


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