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Integrated water management - the way of the future

The challenges facing water managers across the world – flooding and urban design, rural water and sanitation, climate change, water and energy, water foot-printing – increasingly require leaders who are able to cross social, environmental and technological boundaries.

The answer for many is an integrated approach to water management. This may be judged by the growing numbers of water professionals enrolling in the Australian-based International WaterCentre’s (IWC) Master of Integrated Water Management. Last year the program had 50 students from many different professional backgrounds and from 21 different countries around the world.

Integrated water management considers the whole water cycle and takes into account the socio-economic, political and environmental factors affecting water challenges. It seeks sound, sustainable solutions for water and water-related problems which respect the balance of human and natural life on the planet.

Understanding the interconnectedness of political, social and environmental issues is vital if effective solutions are to be found. Water practitioners with integrated water management knowledge use this understanding to work in new ways to solve the changing and increasing problems of water in the world.

IWM diagramThey communicate between disciplines – engineering, social science, law, policy, energy, etc. They develop partnerships between professionals and stakeholders. They empower and inspire others to find solutions to environmental problems that provide benefit to current and future generations. And in doing these things, they also address some of the injustices that poverty and scarcity of natural resources have caused in the world.

The drive of these water professionals will change the water workplace of the future. The holistic approach of integrated water management is the vehicle that many of them are choosing to make these changes, and which they believe will allow them to translate their commitment to water, the environment, and social justice issues into sustainable water solutions for the future.

IWC is offering scholarships for the 2013 intake of the Master of Integrated Water Management.


IWC Masters Scholarships



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