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IWC to co-convene Water for Cities Seminar at the 2015 World Water Week

The International WaterCentre (IWC), in conjunction with the Asian Development Bank, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development and WaterAid, will co-convene the 'Eye on Asia: Water for Cities Seminar' at the World Water Week (23-28 August 2015) in Stockholm.

The 21st century is called the Asian century as clearly demonstrated with its rising share of global output while lifting millions out of poverty. If Asia maintains its current trajectory it will double its share of global GDP to 52 per cent by 2050. Over 75 per cent of Asia is water insecure, which – if left unmanaged – poses a real threat to its continued growth.

Unlocking the growth potential will become increasingly reliant on water resources and central to this is water security. In Asia, water security is at risk from interconnected pressures such as population growth, urbanisation, pollution, groundwater extraction, water-related disasters and climate change.

The Water for Cities Seminar will explore cost-efficient and effective solutions to the growing challenge of rapid and unplanned urbanisation that has resulted in an increased demand for water, heightened pressure on limited water resources, and a decline in water availability for competing uses. The need for stronger urban governance and institutional reform, as well as integrated planning to balance water allocation between industrial, commercial and domestic uses will be addressed.

Further details are available on the World Water Week website.


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