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National Water Consumer Survey is now open

Participate in the National Water Consumer Survey and have your say about water in Australia. All participants go into the draw to win a $500 travel voucher.

Water is a critical issue in Australia and worldwide, and the Australian Water Association, in partnership with Arup, is running the National Water Consumer Survey at to find out what the country thinks about our water.

The results of this survey will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the Australian water industry, and will collectively offer a greater understanding of how water utilities, governments and communities can better regulate and protect our water resources. It will also give an indication of what initiatives are needed to educate the public about the status of water in Australia.

Engaging the community on key water issues and choices is vital to ensure water consumer satisfaction in the future, and responses from a wide range of people across Australia are invaluable for research such as this.

The National Water Consumer Survey takes approximately 15 minutes and will close on 28 August. Thank you for participating in this survey.

National Water Consumer Survey 2015


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