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Riverprize finalist wins Goldman Environmental Prize

Congratulations to the 2010 International Riverprize finalist and current twinning partner, Sakhalin Environment Watch (SEW), for being recognised for their work conserving the critically endangered ecosystems of Sakhalin Island in Russia.
Riverprize finalist wins Goldman Environmental Prize

SEW Chairman, Dmitry Lisitsyn, at the Vengeri River, Russia

SEW Chairman, Dmitry Lisitsyn was awarded the 2011 Goldman Environmental Prize at the value of $150,000.

Since 2001 SEW led by Dmitry, along with Wild Salmon Centre (WSC), have been working to protect Sakhalin Island’s marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Sakhalin Island is home to 11 salmon species and is the third most abundant salmon region in the world after Alaska and the Kamchtka Peninsula.

The 2004 winner of the International Riverprize, The Siuslaw River Institute in the United States, chose SEW to be their twinning partner in the International RiverFoundation Twinning Program. The collaboration was strengthened as WSC joined the partnership due to their connections with SEW and a shared objective in restoring the salmon habitat in Russia.

In 2007, SEW and WSC helped create permanent safeguards for one of Sakhalin’s most important salmon watersheds – the Vostochny. Lisitsyn’s leadership led to the creation of the Vostochny Wildlife Refuge, a 165,000 acre protected area that includes two entire ocean-draining basins, the Vengeri and Pursh-Pursh Rivers, and protects habitat for healthy populations of pink, chum, and coho salmon.

Dmitry has received global recognition for his work prior to being awarded the Goldman Prize. In 2010 Smirnykh Rivers Partnership, led by the SEW, was selected as one of four finalists for the 2010 International Riverprize, an internationally recognised award for outstanding achievement and excellence in watershed management.



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