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UQ Global Change Institute launched

A new institute, which hopes to provide solutions for climate change, water sustainability and food security, has been launched at The University of Queensland. The Institute is supported by a $15 million donation by UQ alumnus and co-founder of accommodation website, Graeme Wood.
UQ Global Change Institute launched

GCI Director Prof Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, UQ VC Paul Greenfield, WotIf Philanthropist Mr Graeme Wood, and Honourable Prof Robert Hill

The Global Change Institute (GCI), devoted to tackling the complex problems created by global change, was launched by Queensland Governor-General Dr Penelope Wensley on Wednesday 10th March.

According to Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Director of the Institute, the earth's population has increased by three billion in the last 30 years, and will increase by another three billion in the next 30. Researchers at the GCI hope they will be helping to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the world.

"Our ability to provide the essentials such as food, water and energy are decreasing,"Professor Hoegh-Guldberg said. "Some major new thinking is in order."

UQ vice-chancellor Professor Paul Greenfield identified four major issues which will be a focus for the Institute - water, food security, biosecurity and pandemics.

"The role of the institute will be to address the issues in an evidence-based fashion, bringing together expertise from our university and other universities, research groups, industry and government," Professor Greenfield said.

The Institute will be housed in a self-sustaining buiding with solar panels that will produce enough energy to cut UQ campus' emissions by six per cent.



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