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You are invited to Designing our Water and Energy Futures seminar

The International WaterCentre along with Australian and Dutch partners will host a session at the World Water Week in Stockholm.

Thursday, September 4

Room T2


In an increasingly resource-challenged world, what will our water-energy future look like? How can we deliver efficient and viable services to all in equitable and sustainable ways? To what extent are current trends, policies and service delivery models in the energy sector relevant to the water sector, and vice versa? What capacities and leadership skills will be needed to meet future challenges?

How water and energy service are delivered will remain central to defining what our water-energy future look like. As the complexity and interconnectedness of the different resource delivery systems become more apparent, attempts to optimise one resource delivery system cannot be achieved in isolation from others.  Any strategy that focuses on one part of the water-energy nexus without considering its interconnections risks contributing to unintended undesired consequences. This places increasing pressure on policy makers, governments, investors, and development experts to adopt a more integrated approach for future responses, including to provide water and energy services in a sustainable and equitable way.
In this interactive seminar, panellists from the water and energy sectors will draw on examples from developing countries where vulnerable communities have the most to lose from mismanagement of water and energy resources, but also the most to gain from improved service delivery.

This Australian-Dutch collaboration brings together energy and water sector practitioners from public and private spheres, academics and recognised thought leaders to share and lead a discussion with the audience on how to address future challenges. Led by IWC, this seminar is jointly presented by the Australian-based capacity building institutes, International Water Centre (IWC) and International Energy Centre (IEC), and a network of Dutch water organisations, Aqua for All, Rebel Group, Vitens Evides, Wetsus and Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP).

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