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IWC researchers

The IWC has involved the following personnel in its activities. We invite researchers interested in working with the IWC to contact us.


Fiona Chandler

Dr Regina Souter

Dr Brian McIntosh

Declan Hearne

Peter Wegener




Dr Eva Abal - IWC researcher profile


The University of Queensland                                                            

Dr Eva Abal

Barry Ball

Dr Peter Hanington

Dr Suzanne Hoverman

Dr Paul Jagals

Dr Helen Johnson

Prof Jurg Keller

Prof Helen Ross


Dr Paul Jagals - IWC researcher video


Griffith University                                   

Prof Angela Arthington

Prof Stuart Bunn

Dr Nick Marsh

Dr Wade Hadwen

A/Prof Fran Sheldon
Morgan MacDonald


International WaterCentre researcher profile - Professor Stuart Bunn


Monash University (Foundation member)    

Prof Jason Beringer

Dr Nick Bond

Prof Rebekah Brown

Dr Terence Chan

Dr Bruce Missingham

Prof Tony Wong

Prof Nigel Tapper

Andre Taylor

Dr Dani Barrington   


Dr Bruce Missingham - IWC lecturer profile


University of Western Australia (Foundation member)                   

Prof Peter Davies

Prof Carolyn Oldham

Dr Peter Speldewinde



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