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Workshop reports

Reports from training sessions Wednesday 18 - Friday 20 May


Room Workshop
P7 Being conscious about nutrition: how WASH programs can address child stunting [report pending]
P8 Monitoring the realisation of the human rights to water and sanitation in the context of the SDGs [report pending]
P9 CLTS sharing and learning workshop
P10 Introducing sanitation safety planning
P11 WASH in informal peri-urban settlements workshop



Room Workshop
P6 Building institutions for nationwide sustainable rural sanitation service delivery [report pending]
P7 WASH in healthcare facilities: A 'how to' for driving global, national and facility level action [report pending]
P8 Private sector and marketing exchange approaches for equitable WASH outcomes [report pending]
P9 WASH in schools: Building awareness of strategies for effectiveness [report pending]
P10 Gender and disability in WASH - exploring practice, gaps and overlaps [report pending]
P11 Developing urban sanitation services for all [report pending]


Room Workshop
P6 Strengthening the enabling environment: what does it really mean and how do you go about it?
P7 Emerging priorities in Menstrual Hygiene Management: Taking MHM to the next level [report pending]
P8 Frontiers of urban sanitation: from myths to a sustainable path forward [report pending]
P9 Climate change adaptation for sustainable WASH and community resilience 
P10 WSPs - tools for equitable access to safe water and SDG reporting 
P11 Behaviour change for improved and sustained WASH outcomes [report pending]

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