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Program options

IWC’s capacity development programs are individually designed to match clients’ needs and professional interests. We customise our programs to accommodate participants’ timeframe, English skills, location, group size and other requirements, offering both academic study and experiential learning. All our programs take a trans-disciplinary, whole-of-water cycle approach.

Content options

“This was excellent. Our staff really appreciated the participatory nature of the program.”


Program types and duration

Learning techniques

Training venue options

English language ability


Content options

  • integrated water cycle management

  • water reform and regulatory tools, legislation
  • emerging tools in managing water
  • water supply management
  • project management
  • wastewater treatment technologies and effluent management
  • science of water
  • wastewater recycling and purification
  • water, sustainability and development
  • groundwater management
  • water governance and policy
  • environmental flow methodology
  • catchment and aquatic ecosystem health
  • water in mining
  • capacity building and community development
  • river restoration
  • water planning and economics


Program types and duration

Intensive workshops:

  • participatory workshops focus on one priority issue
  • 5-10 days

Short courses:

  • short courses are the most flexible option.
  • a range of classroom, field-based and active learning environments with scientific experts and industry leaders.
  • introduce a number of topics or provide in-depth learning in a specific field.
  • 1 – 4 weeks


  • formal and informal education and training sessions across a range of disciplines and topics
  •  can include relevant industry and vocational placement in Australia
  • 1 – 10 months.

 Learning techniques (formal / informal)

  • classroom lectures with academic and guest presenters
  • practical skill development
  • team-based learning and problem solving exercises
  • individual research/study projects
  • field visits
  • industry-based placements
  • case study analyses


Training venue options

A training venue of the client’s choice

in Australia or home country

Brisbane, Queensland

The University of Queensland or

Griffith University

Melbourne, Victoria

Monash University

Perth, Western Australia

The University of Western Australia

Field-based research

e.g. at Moreton Bay Research Station, Stradbroke Island, Queensland


English language ability

Programs over 4 weeks long can include an English language course at one of Brisbane's top language institutes. Participants will learn:

  • presentation skills
  • professional report writing
  • English tailored to the water industry
  • other

Programs can be tailored to cater for both English and non-English speaking participants:

  • high level of English (not fluent - IELTS 5.5)

No English required:

  • courses are taught with support of a translater



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