Brisbane, Australia

Dr Lachlan Guthrie

Project Officer (IWM and Research)


Lachlan has recently completed his PhD in IUWM strategic planning and is passionate about the SDGs. He co-chairs the Australian Water Association’s SDG Specialist Network and has previously served on the Young Water Professionals committee in Victoria.

He believes that the most important element of the SDGs is that no-one is left behind. He is passionate about providing safe, reliable and accessible water services in Australia and overseas.


Lachlan’s background is in utilities and governance around decision making. He is interested in research areas around how to make decisions and the real, holistic societal impacts that those decisions have.

Across 2016-17, Lachlan worked for a year in Cambodia, learning to implement WASH infrastructure in a small team environment.

This experienced enabled him to secure a place on the organising committee of the World Toilet Summit in Melbourne in 2017, and to be invited to attend the UNLEASH SDG Innovation Lab in 2018.

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