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Professor Susana Neto



Susana has worked in research and policy for integrated water management and territorial planning for the last 25 years. She is a senior researcher with the University of Lisbon and Adjunct Professor with The University of Western Australia.

Prior to commencing her academic career, she held positions in public administration in Portugal, which included active participation in reforms of the institutional framework of water management, a coordination role in the first National Water Plan and 15 river basin plans (1997 to 2001), and representation of Portugal in the European Operational Program URBACT II (2007-2014), where she is remains an ad-hoc expert in this program.

In 2016, Susana was invited to join the OECD Water Governance Initiative Group, and in 2017, she was elected President of the Portuguese Water Resources Association (APRH).


  • Urban and regional planning
  • Sustainable development
  • Territorial integration of water resources management
  • Water governance
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Innovative learning methodologies

Portuguese Water Resources Association

Susana is currently involved in the Portuguese Water Association (APRH) Executive Board, as President. She was elected for the biennium 2018-2020. Her activities within this role cover representing the Association in several boards, coordinating the specialized and regional Committees, and organizing the national Water Congress in 2020.


Susana is also a member of the OECD Water Governance Initiative (WGI) Group, where she represents her University. In 2017/2018 she was a lead author of an article that was chosen to be part of a Special Edition of the Journal: OECD Principles on Water Governance in practice: an assessment of existing frameworks in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and South America. Water InternationalVolume 43, 2018 – Issue 1. This article was presented and discussed in a webinar organised by IWRA on February 2018. Webinars and all presentations are available on YouTube.

European Parliament

In 2017, Susana was invited to present at the European Parliament on the topic of re-Municipalisation of Water Services, and Public-Public Partnerships trend, at a session to discuss the reform of the Water Framework Directive. https://youtu.be/ujRR3qAvc78 – Participation | Presentation at European Parliament on the Water Framework Directive (WFD) Session.

  • PhD in Urban and Regional, Technical University of Lisbon – Instituto Superior Técnico
  • Masters of Science (Urban and Regional Planning), Technical University of Lisbon – Instituto Superior Técnico
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Urban and Regional Planning), Technical University of Lisbon – Instituto Superior Técnico
  • (2017-2014) – Co-Supervisor of PhD Thesis of André Morgado, Can Environmental Management Systems (EMS) contribute towards the sustainability of major hydroelectric power (HEP) plants in Brazil? (Kingston University, London)
  • Angela De Duonni – How might the classification of Water Entitlements as an “asset class” provide opportunities for improving equitable distribution of costs and benefits from water trading activities within regional communities? IWC MIWM 2018. Supervisor.
  • Emma Plant – Integrated water management in Europe and Australia: what lessons does the European Union’s Water Framework Directive provide for Australia? IWC MIWM 2018. Supervisor.
  • Michelle Abranches Seito – Reducing the water footprint of Viticulture and wine production. The McLaren Vale case study. IWC MIWM 2018. Supervisor.
  • James Morschel – A comprehensive monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement framework for environmental water recovery – Efficiency Measures in the Murray–Darling Basin. IWC MIWM 2018. Co-supervisor.
  • Suzanne Wheeler – A Water Security Index for NSW Rural Catchment-Based Application. IWC MIWM 2018. Co-supervisor.
  • Veronica Gallardo – Current practices of animal farming, community habits and water scarcity. A different approach for the global water issues. IWC MIWM 2015. Supervisor.
  • Tshering Wangchen – An Integrated Water Resource Management Approach to Irrigation Water Scarcity: A case of Phangyuel Gewog in Wangdue Phodrang, Bhutan. IWC MIWM Supervisor.
  • Andrew Swan – Stakeholder Engagement Plan for the Northern Rivers Water Group. IWC MIWM Co-supervisor.
  • Karma Tenzin – Bhutan’s Rural Water Supply & Sanitation (RWSS): A study of challenges, effectiveness and best approaches. IWC MIWM 2015. Co-supervisor.
  • Supervisor of Alla Al-Hasan from Palestine, during the fellowship in Portugal within TRANSBASIN Project (between September and December 2015)
  • Supervisor of Teresa Salvador, Mafalda Pinto and Sara Boavida during their fellowship in PWEG in Palestine, within TRANSBASIN Project (between September and December 2015)
  • Smita Barkur – Comparative Analysis of Water for CSG and UCG Processes. IWC MIWM 2014. Supervisor.

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