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IWC research partnership enters “action” phase in Solomon Islands 


Alumni of the IWC Water Leadership Program reconnect 


IWC updates

Community members receive research findings reports 



Stakeholder engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic: Running an international multi-modal research workshop for the Inclusive WASH-at Work project. 



Happy World Toilet Day from the International WaterCentre! 

Did you know that 4.2 billion people do not have access to safely managed sanitation around the world?
In 2020, the lucky ones amongst us have been enjoying our home toilets more than usual thanks to COVID-19 restrictions. What better chance to daydream of your next overseas visit? When you think about where to travel, will you be thinking about the quality of the hotel bathroom facilities? And what of the toilet facilities of surrounding communities? One IWC research project, Engaging corporate actors for inclusive WASH-at-work, is unpacking the real water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) situation in hotels and surround communities in Indonesia and Fiji. Whilst it has been hit hard by COVID-19 travel restrictions, Mandalika in Lombok (Indonesia) is tipped to be the next ‘big Bali’. It is an increasingly popular and rapidly developing tourism destination for domestic and international visitors. While tourists there enjoy excellent services, this is not necessarily the case for locals, with between 5-15% of the population in surrounding villages not having access to toilets at home. Solutions to address this gap need concerted efforts of government, communities as well as hotels who all have a role to play in delivering clean and healthy environments. To read more about this project’s work to develop Inclusive WASH-at-work approaches with hotels and other stakeholders for equitable development visit the project site.   [caption id="attachment_3220" align="alignnone" width="668"] IWC's WASH project teams wish you a Happy World Toilet Day![/caption]   NOTE: Banner image photo credit, Jax10289/istock via Getty Images.



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