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Behaviour change, the key to successful WASH

Sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programs and interventions require more than access to the appropriate technology and services – they require those facilities to be adopted and used appropriately. Historically, the WASH sector has focused on the delivery of infrastructure solutions without really understanding the end users are consumers with experiences, attitudes and preferences, often leading to major infrastructure investments that do not achieve the intended health and wellbeing outcomes.

As a Senior Project Officer at the International WaterCentre, Diana Gonzalez Botero works on projects focusing on M&E, applied research, and capacity development of water sector practitioners in Pacific island countries. Her applied research work consists in designing and conducting research in communities and schools and translating findings into practical actions for practitioners and stakeholders. Her work involves traveling to different Pacific island countries, where she works closely with local partners, providing training and supporting the work they do.


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