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IWC-AWA Team Leadership Online Short Course

The International Water Centre (IWC) and the Australian Water Association (AWA) recognise the pressing need to build leadership capacity in young and emerging water sector leaders to advance more integrated and sustainable forms of water management. During this six week course, water leadership and management experts Dr André Taylor and Dr Lachlan Guthrie will introduce participants to key leadership concepts to build their capability to lead project teams.


This course aims to provide water professionals with a modular, online training course to build understanding, skills and confidence in the following areas:

  • Building the capacity of new team leaders through understanding key leadership methods and principles.
    Awareness of the methods and principles of leadership development that new team leaders need to apply to their own development.
  • An understanding of, and the ability to apply the fundamentals of, self-leadership which is the foundation of all other forms of leadership.
  • The ability to apply fundamental team leadership concepts and tools to common team leadership challenges.
    Awareness of, and the capacity to apply, the keys to successful team leadership, including leading virtual teams and teams that need to be led without much authority (e.g. cross-boundary project teams).
  • The ability to build a simple leadership development plan to guide one’s development.
  • The capacity to reflect on the content of the course to identify team leadership-related strengths, weaknesses and specific opportunities to improve.

Learn more and Register: https://www.griffith.edu.au/engage/professional-learning/awa-leadership 

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