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IWC Scholarships

Every year, the International WaterCentre (IWC) offers full and partial scholarships to support future water leaders who want to join the Master of Integrated Water Management.
  • IWC Masters Scholarships (full-tuition) - now closed for the program commencing in 2015. Applications will open again in May 2015 for international students and July 2015 for domestic students. Read more
  • IWC Partial Scholarships (AU$7,000) - currently available for self-funded international and domestic students who want to join the next intake in Semester 1, 2015 - read more below:


IWC Partial Scholarships (AU$7,000) - now available!IWC Partial Scholarships Flyer 2011

The International WaterCentre (IWC) will be offering a partial-tuition scholarship (valued at AU$ 7,000) to each self-funded student who enrols in an IWC Integrated Water Management postgraduate program (Masters, Graduate Diploma, or Graduate Certificate) commencing in Semester 1, 2015.

Self-funded students are international and domestic students who do not receive any full-tuition scholarship or full-tuition funding from their employer. Note: students who receive a loan (eg. FEE-HELP) or partial funding from their employer remain eligible for a partial scholarship.

This partial scholarship aims to cover part of the program's tuition fees. It is available for full-time (1.5 years) or part-time/distance study* (3 years).

To receive a partial scholarship, eligible students must receive an unconditional offer of admission from The University of Queensland (UQ) into the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management (or Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma) commencing in Semester 1, 2015 and have successfully enrolled in the program by February 2015.

Note this partial scholarship offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other IWC scholarship.

* Note the part-time/distance study option is available only to domestic students (Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents). 


Partial scholarship value

Each Scholarship has a total value of AU$ 7,000 for the full Masters program. It is payable progressively over three or six semesters of study, as follows:

> Full-time study:

  • Semester 1 (Graduate Certificate): AU$ 2,000
  • Semester 2 (Graduate Diploma): AU$ 2,000
  • Semester 3 (Masters): AU$ 3,000


> Part-time/distance study (based on a study load of 2 modules per semester):

  • Semester 1 and 2 (Graduate Certificate): AU$1,000/semester ($2,000 in total for 2 semesters)
  • Semester 3 and 4 (Graduate Diploma): AU$1,000/semester ($2,000 in total for 2 semesters)
  • Semester 5 and 6 (Masters): AU$1,500/semester ($3,000 in total for 2 semesters)

Partial scholarships will be paid directly to The University of Queensland.

Partial scholarships do not cover: remainder of the tuition fees, travel, accommodation, medical cover, insurance and any other living and study-related expenses such as materials, books and equipment. These costs will be the responsibility of partial scholarship recipients.


Partial Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Please read complete Terms and Conditions (PDF).


How to receive a partial scholarship

There is no separate application form for this partial scholarship.

To receive the scholarship:

  1. Apply for the program through The University of Queensland (UQ). Note applications will close on 30 November 2014 for international students and 31 January 2015 for domestic students.
  2. If admitted in the program, formally accept your offer, and
  3. Enrol through mySi-Net (UQ’s online enrolment system) as soon as you can and before 31 January 2015.

 Apply now Master of Integrated Water Management



Questions regarding partial scholarships or program content

Questions regarding MIWM program admission

Please contact The University of Queensland directly:



IWC Masters Scholarships (full-tuition) - now closedDownload 2015 Masters Scholarships Flyer (PDF)

The IWC Masters Scholarships are prestigious scholarships awarded annually to high calibre candidates accepted into the Master of Integrated Water Management (MIWM) and who clearly demonstrate potential to become water leaders of the future.


2015 Scholarships Round

IWC Masters Scholarships applications are now closed for the program commencing next year.

You may still apply for the program as a self-funded student and commence studying in February 2015. You may also seek other sources of funding or apply for an Australia Awards Scholarship if you are from a participating country.

The next round of IWC Masters Scholarships is due to open in May 2015 for international students and July 2015 for domestic students to commence the program in 2016.

Scholarships details (value, eligibility, conditions)

The information below is for your information only - scholarships are now closed

The International WaterCentre (IWC) was offering the following scholarships to study the MIWM program commencing in Semester 1, 2015:

  • For international students: up to four (4) scholarships including:
    - up to two full scholarships (tuition fees + living expenses) for female candidates who hold citizenship in one of the 85 countries where the Global Water Partnership (GWP) has a partnership, and
    - up to two full tuition scholarships available for men and women who meet the minimum eligibility requirements, regardless of their country of origin.
  • For domestic students: up to two (2) full tuition scholarships for
    full-time or part-time/distance study of the MIWM program.


All scholarships details including value, eligibility, conditions, application process and selection criteria are covered in the IWC Masters Scholarships Terms and Conditions (PDF).

If you have applied for an IWC Masters Scholarship this year

Applications for the IWC Masters Scholarships will be assessed by a Scholarships Selection Panel. Each application will be carefully considered by the Panel who will assess whether it:

In addition, your scholarship application will only be considered if you have received an unconditional offer of admission in the MIWM program from UQ.

  •  Meets the selection criteria

Typically, successful scholarships recipients possess an excellent academic record and several years of relevant professional experience. The Selection Panel uses the following selection criteria when assessing your scholarship application:

  1. Academic record: an excellent academic record and a likelihood of success in further study.
  2. Professional and volunteering record: relevant employment or volunteering experience, achievements, membership of professional bodies and professional references.
  3. Commitment to promoting and driving the implementation of collaborative, whole-of-water-cycle, integrated and interdisciplinary approaches to water management.
  4. Leadership qualities including collaboration and team work, flexibility, initiative, communication skills, integrity and vision through professional, educational, community and other achievements.
  5. Potential outcomes: the likelihood of positive impacts on the individual and the water sector from participating in the MIWM program.

The Selection Panel will look at the answers you provided in the scholarship application form (‘Selection Criteria Statement’) as well as your CV and referees. The Selection Panel adheres to IWC's policy of non-discrimination for this process. Decisions of the Selection Panel are final and confidential.

International candidates were notified on 10 September and domestic candidates were notified (via email) on 16 October 2014.


IWC Masters Scholarships - previous recipients stories

GWP-IWC Masters Scholarships (international)

Vanh Mixap
Vanh Mixap
Elisabeth Tarigan
Elisabeth Tarigan
Reba Paul
Reba Paul


IWC Masters Scholarships (international)

Ben Cartwright
Ben Cartwright

(United Kingdom)
Belen Andrade

Karen Delfau
(United States)
Robert Apunyo
Declan Hearne

Lina Master of Integrated Water Management student
Lina Taing
(United States)
Diane Cousineau
Diane Cousineau
Maria Brusher

Maria Brusher
(United States)

IWC Masters Scholarships (domestic)

Caitlin Pilkington (Australia)
Emma Newland
Emma Newland
(New Zealand)
Tracey Leslie
Tracey Leslie (New Zealand)
Hans Woldring
Hans Woldring (Australia)
Isobel Davidson
Isobel Davidson (Australia)
Kevin Loh
Kevin Loh
Lori Gould
Lori Gould (Australia)
Nathan Cammerman
Nathan Cammer-
man (Australia)
Prue Bodsworth
Prue Bodsworth (Australia)


IWC Masters Scholarships


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