We believe that integrated water management approaches, enabled through strong leadership capabilities, are integral to tackling complex water management problems.

Managing the whole-of-water cycle

Healthy and resilient water systems are intricately linked with sustainable development and are fundamental to human well-being. We know that the world’s freshwater resources are unevenly distributed across the planet – over 60% of the Earth’s freshwater supply is found in just 10 countries. We also know that water scarcity affects more than 40 per cent of people around the world – approximately 3 billion people – two-thirds of whom reside in one of the five major emerging national economies.

In 2011, 41 countries reportedly experienced water stress – 10 of which were close to depleting their supply of renewable freshwater. By 2050, the UN projects that at least one in four people will be affected by recurring water shortages. Understanding how to protect and restore water-related ecosystems and manage the whole-of-water cycle is essential to mitigating water scarcity and sustainably managing water.

Integrated water management

We believe that integrated water management approaches are necessary to achieving positive coordinated and sustainable development of water for people, environments and economies. Integrated water management places a strong emphasis on collaboration between all stakeholders and takes a whole-systems approach to water management.

Being process focused, integrated water management is concerned with stimulating and managing change in the water sector, and in other sectors where water plays an important role.

Strengthening capabilities

We see ourselves as capacity builders. Developing the skills and knowledge in individuals, communities and organisations to drive systemic and lasting change. We do this by employing a diverse range of strategies that have integrated approaches to water management at their core to strengthen the capabilities of individuals, communities and organisations. These strategies include:

Our integrated water management expertise focuses on three thematic areas:

And three overarching themes:

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