Mark Pascoe Water Sandpit

As a tribute to Mark Pascoe – founding CEO of the International WaterCentre – we invite you to join us at this special event, where we wish to honour and celebrate the joy that we all experienced in having Mark as a colleague, mentor and friend.

Mark was imaginative and highly networked in the way he worked with colleagues across the broader water industry throughout his career.  His vision for IWC was to create “sandpits” for water sector actors, sometimes polarised, to come together and play – to find new and innovative ways to collectively consider and progress a complex water issue.  We take his playful philosophy forward with this event  as we explore the topic of:

“Valuing Water – Who needs to Care More?”

And yes you can join us in the “sandpit” as we seek to hear your thoughts to key questions, such as:

  • who needs to care about water and why?
  • what is the pathway to have those “who” that are missing be part of the collective effort?

Guest speakers to stimulate your thinking and catalyze the discussion include:

Passionate water sector colleagues will also join us in panel sessions to help map what are the elements of a pathway for change. Plus in small groups, with a skilled facilitator, your collective views on this topic, joint discussions and ways to stimulate greater valuing will be sought.

Everyone is welcome to join this event, regardless of where you fit in the wide mix of disciplines that can help solve these complex challenges.  You are also certainly welcome if you had not had the chance to meet Mark and enjoy being part of a of holistic approach to water challenges.  Especially welcome are early career professionals who Mark always made time to meet and chat. Plus we welcome the extensive connections that Mark developed over the years, bringing a wealth of experiences.  We hope to replicate a rich network of colleagues sharing and building options together.

Networking will be a feature of the event – before, during and after.

Join us from 12:30pm for this event that will start at 13:00.  To truly toast and celebrate 2023 together and remember our dear colleague Mark Pascoe, please stay on for extended networking with drinks and canapes from 1700 to 1900.

We would also like to acknowledge the support from the Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University and The Pascoe Family in arranging this tribute event for Mark.

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